A Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary program begins with an Environmental Audit and continues with congregational projects involving Worship, Religious Education, Environmental Justice, and Sustainable Living.  The program technically ends with accreditation by the UU Ministry For Earth, but our hope is that it will continue as a springboard for environmental activism and earth-friendly actions. Our principles remind us that the world is interconnected. The earth, the stars, the universe-- these are not separate from us; they are us. As seekers of truth, the wisdom of scientists and philosophers teach us the deep reality of existence-- we are made of the same stuff as all living creatures, even inanimate life.

Unitarian-Universalists honor this realization. Unitarian-Universalism draws wisdom from the world's religions: Christian, Judaic, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhists, along with Humanist philosophy and the spiritual traditions of earth-centered cultures.



Unitarian Unversalist Congregation of Flint
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