The Unitarian-Universalist Church of Flint relies on the support of its members and friends to maintain this vital organization within the Greater Flint community. Pledges can be for any amount; see the minister, moderator or a member of the board to get a pledge card.


A step on the pathway toward membership often includes becoming a regular contributor to the life of the church by participating in our activities and by making a voluntary promise of financial support by filling out a pledge card. Pledging friends have all of the benefits of membership but the right to vote on church issues. Ask the Minister, the Moderator, or a member of the Board how you can make a pledge.

"Pathways to Membership"
To further explore becoming a member of our church, visitors and friends are welcome to attend a quarterly Pathway to Membership orientation. This relaxed workshop usually takes place on a Saturday morning and concludes with lunch together. People meet with leaders of our congregation to discuss the spiritual paths each of us travels. We share our pasts and our reasons for exploring Unitarian-Universalism; discuss UU history, theory and polity; and meet in small groups for conversation. Finally, those who choose to become members sign the Membership Book and are formally welcomed into the church.

Members of our church have a vote at meetings of the church, elect our leadership, and set our budget and help to shape our priorities. Members of the church also receive pastoral services without charge, including commitment ceremonies, child dedications, funerals, and pastoral care; and members of the church may have use of the church's facilities at a discounted rental rate.

Members do have several responsibilities, however, including making a pledge of financial support (though members can request a waiver if their financial situation requires it), and engaging the church community through volunteer opportunities and spiritual study.


Many members of our church have found this congregation and Unitarian Universalism places in which to invest their lives. Our members play the leading role in ministering to each other and the community.

There are several opportunities for volunteering at the UUCF:

The UUCF has three primary fundraisers throughout the year, in addition to our pledges: a service auction, a book sale, and a rummage sale. Interested individuals can donate a service to the auction (such as housekeeping or lawn care), a dinner, or a product; or they can assist the auction by working with the chef providing the dinner, by assisting the auctioneer and auction coordinator with running tickets and collecting totals, or by assisting with set-up or clean-up. The book and rummage sales also need assistants to donate used but still useful items, to organize those items, and to assist customers with their purchases.

Social Events
We have two main social events during the year that require volunteers: A Thanksgiving Dinner, and a Soup Dinner. The Thanksgiving Dinner occurs every year on Thanksgiving; volunteers help with supplying and making the meal, and with set-up and clean-up. The Soup Dinner ....

Sunday Volunteering
Sunday morning services offer several opportunities for volunteering at the UUCF. People can greet new members, take calls in the office before church, perform ushering duties, help in the sound room, assist the minister as a Worship Associate, play accompanying music, sing in the choir or perform in the flute choir, teach religious education classes for our youth, or assist in the kitchen for coffee hour.

Grounds Clean Up
A few times of the year, the members and friends of the church come together to ensure our grounds remain beautiful. Those interested in helping this endeavor should speak with the Office Manager.


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