UU Flint offers spaces for weddings, receptions, open houses and such. We have a beautiful sanctuary that is perfect for a small or large wedding, with seating capacity up to 175 people. We have 2 halls available; Auldin Nelson Hall seats up to 175 and Blackinton seats up to 60. 

There are classrooms available for small groups that have a weekly or monthly meeting, and a chapel that is perfect for small ceremonies or training classes. A commercial kitchen is also available with Auldin Nelson Hall or independently.

Please contact the Office Manager at 810-232-4023. Office hours are Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m.

Sanctuary & Chapel
Our Sanctuary seats 160-175 people; the Chapel seats up to 75. The Sanctuary measures 45 feet from doorway to chancel steps.

  • Sanctuary Rental: $250.00 
  • Chapel Rental:  $100.00 
  • Security Deposit:  $125.00 

Church Policies for using the Sanctuary 

No Food or beverages are allowed in the sanctuary or narthex. 

Our building is SMOKE FREE. 

Wall hangings, tables, chairs, chalice or the pulpit in the sanctuary may only be moved or removed by a representative of the church. 

Decorations in the church must be planned to avoid damage to floors, walls, carpet and pews. No tape or tacks are to be used on any surfaces. Ribbon, string or pew flower holders may be used. No flowers or decorations are permitted on the piano.

Auldin Nelson Hall
Our Auldin Nelson Hall is a lovely place for a reception following your wedding, or for open houses and other social events. The Hall can accommodate up to 175 guests. Although there are neither table linens nor tableware for use, there are 9 round tables and 14 eight-foot long tables as well as an adequate number of chairs available for receptions.

The church does not provide caterers for your event, nor are we able to recommend specific catering companies. If you choose to have a catered reception, the caterer must remove all rental items (plates, glasses, silverware, cups, linens and serving ware) immediately after the event. All trash must be taken to the dumpster (located at the back of the front parking lot). If all items are not removed, you will forfeit your entire security deposit.

If you choose to have alcohol as part of your reception, this must be included on the Rental Contract form and a licensed, uniformed security guard from a security company must be on duty during the party time. Only beer, wine and champagne are permitted on the church premises; under no circumstances is hard liquor permitted.

  • Auldin Nelson Hall Rental for 4 hours of use  $450.00 
    additional time, per hour  $35.00 
  • Commercial Kitchen  $100.00 
  • Security Deposit, Auldin Nelson Hall  $225.00 
    with Kitchen  $50.00 

There will be no refunds issued 30 days or less before the scheduled event. The security deposit(s) will NOT be applied toward payment of the rental contract fee or any other fees. The balance of fees must be paid two weeks prior to the scheduled event. The security deposits will be held for no more than two weeks after your ceremony or event.


Weddings at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint may be formal or informal, small, large, traditional or modern. To begin planning your wedding, you should call or e-mail the church office, and do three things: 

  • Select a tentative date and time for you wedding.
  • Pay a $125 security deposit on the sanctuary to research the date and time; if you wish to use our Auldin Nelson Hall for your reception, there will be an additional security deposit of $225; make sure you see all requirements for security deposits, noted above. 
  • Arrange for an appointment with the minister. 

Weddings are not performed on Sunday mornings, nor are they scheduled in conflict with previously arranged events at the church. 

  • Fee for Minister  $300.00 

w/ rehearsal, additional  $50.00 

  • Fee for the Sound Technician  $50.00 

w/ rehearsal, additional  $50.00 

These costs are in addition to rental fees for the sanctuary, fellowship/reception hall, and/or kitchen, noted above. We offer two specials for Wedding Facilities Rental which includes the use of our Sanctuary, Auldin Nelson Hall (four hour period), and Kitchen, and the security deposit for each.

  • Facilities Rental:  $700.00  ($100.00 value)
  • Security Deposits:  $350.00  ($50.00 value)

The balance of fees must be paid two weeks before your wedding at the church office. 

Additional Church Policies for Weddings
No rice, flower petals, confetti, birdseed or grass seed is to be thrown in the building or on the church grounds. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in forfeiture of the entire security deposit. Although bubbles are permitted outside of the church building, please note that disposed bottles must be disposed of appropriately.

Your interview with the minister
Your interview with the minister should be a warm and friendly event. It does not matter that you may have been married before or come from some other religious background. What matters is your maturity and strength now. This interview will not encourage you to join our church nor is it marriage counseling. Together, we will determine the kind of ceremony that you would like and compose that ceremony. It is with the minister that your service will be planned. On rare occasions, the minister with whom you meet may not be able to marry you due to an emergency. If this occurs, we will inform you as far ahead as possible. Your arrangements will be honored.

If you wish another minister to perform your ceremony, our minister will gladly extend an invitation to the clergy you wish to have officiate.

The minister will also let you know at your first meeting whether you will need a rehearsal (generally, when there are several members in the wedding party). A rehearsal is usually held the day or evening before the wedding and lasts about an hour. It is important that all participants, including ushers, be in attendance. This includes the wedding party, parents, readers, musicians and attendants.

Dressing Facilities
Our overflow room, adjacent to the sanctuary, is available and restrooms are close by. Please note: The church is not responsible for lost or stolen property. 

Our Sanctuary includes a sound system that can play records, cassette tapes or CDs. Our sound system can only be operated by our sound technicians. Should you desire the use of our sound system, let the office know at least one month in advance and arrangements will be made. We have a Baldwin grand piano in our sanctuary, which you may use with church approval. 

Flowers and runners are to be arranged by the wedding party directly with the florist. No flowers, however, may be pinned or attached to the pews, nor can arrangements be placed on the piano. Flowers may be delivered during the four-hour contractual wedding time. If a unity candle is to be used, the wedding party is responsible for supplying one. Be certain to supply, as well, the two side candles to use in the lighting of the unity candle. Plan to have the candles in time for rehearsal. While candles are welcome, we would like to remind wedding parties that any damage incurred will be deducted from the security deposit. 

Good pictures will help you remember your joyful day. Flash pictures are allowed for the processional and recessional. Once the wedding begins, no pictures will be allowed, except by a professional photographer. Videotaping is allowed but the rules for photographers apply. Special video lights are not allowed. 

Marriage Licenses

You must apply for your license at any county clerk’s office within 30 days of and at least three business days before, your marriage date. The current Genesee County fee is $20. You must be 18 and “capable by law of contracting marriage.” If you are 16 or 17, you may apply with parental consent. Blood test and AIDS counseling are no longer required. For further information and requirements call Genesee County Clerk at (810) 257-3225. Please bring your marriage license to the rehearsal. 

On the Day of the Wedding
For traditional weddings, brides, attendants and family should arrive one hour before the wedding. Ushers should also arrive one hour before the wedding. The groom and best man should arrive 45 minutes before the wedding, and close relatives should arrive 30 minutes before the wedding. We allow 4 hours between weddings. 

For non-traditional and modern weddings, you should plan out a schedule that works for your ceremony with the minister.

A printed program listing the wedding party, music and order of service is often distributed to guests. The Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Flint does not supply this service.
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